There is a photo contest with topic "Banks, tanks, children"


"War is slaughter for those who do not know each other and is in favor of those who know each other but do not kill one another" (Marcus Tullius Cicero).


 What the world is asleep ... On the one hand of the world for their pets provide medical and surgical and worried about the safety of  their pets on the other hand In a corner of the world Children and women are the target of bullets and bombs, Without they have any role in this relentless decision!  Really need to redefine justice word? What causes be created of indifference between humans?!... In a corner of the world, civilians been killed nearly 7,000. Unfortunately, the responsible organizations closed their eyes to this harsh reality once again….
Employees of the company according to our abilities, only to awake the sleeping minds of the world, we by holding this contest from all over the world people want to show our protest against the killing of innocent and defenseless people.

In the hope that no human is not a tool to advance the goals of politicians and warlords.


Photo contest "Banks, tanks, children" with the approach of protecting women and children, in the form of healthy competition to showing innocent people caught in the grip of relentless wars in countries such as Iraq and Ukraine to be held.

- Winner of contest will receive 400$ cash.
- Person that offering the best photography, her/his photo will show for 2 years in social activities section in the ITM website .

- Photo`s Subject is effect war on defenseless women and children in Iraq and Ukraine.
- This contest is free for all Interested, in Iraq and Ukraine at any age.
- To send your photos first you should complete a registration form on the site and according Instructions to email your photos to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address.
- Each photographer can send maximum 6 images.
- Photos must be in the format jpg or tiff, the resolution be Minimum 300 dpi with Maximum 500 KB (use softwares like Win RAR & 7ZIP).
- All photos should have a title.
- Participating in the match is as the owner works (photographs) and ITM trading company has not responsibility about the photos ownership.
- the company can to use the Winning photos in website Social sector.
- Selection of the best photos is through the opinion of the jury.
- The deadline for submission of works is until 21september 2015.
- In case of any violation, the participant will be deleted.

1. Photos display for two or several times or they offered in other contests.
2. The picture Place is except Iraq or Ukraine.
3. Send photos of someone else or using photos that is in the virtual network.
4. The participant is not native or citizen, in Iraq or Ukraine.
5. Photos sent in a format other than the format requested.



Download registration form