The social activities

The social activities

Since from many years ago, the people of the world did not see comfort and calmness, because of more bone of colonial government, blood and war is the only picture that closed in mind of people of 

the world. The trade company I.T.M wants to show the width and plenty blessing of the God in the earth that are enough for all people of the world so that they live in peace and extremely comfort 

and calmness. And in this regard, I.T.M will use all its power. "In the hope of a world without war". Supporting plans of our company:

Financial to institution of orphans a needy in Qazvin.I.T.M company with the purpose of aid to incapables privates and with intent of well-wishing to support the charity institution.In addition of its duty

performance and social responsibility, be partnership of helping the incapable privates and institution of orphans and needy in Qazvin is one of these institute as an actual example.The war is shamble of

people that don’t know each other and and it gain to people that know each other .but do not kill each other (Marcus tolius Cicero, Roman preacher, politician, and author).

happy new year to all human especially to child

I.T.M company in their social activities for chromatic of their goals, move to ceremony a photography competition with this title "the child .war and poverty".

the subject of photography is "war, poverty and children that victims of war and poverty.

condition of participate in photography competition, in children that victims of war and poverty are in following."With valuable gifts and exquisite"

The photo must have good quality and taken by camera with more than 4 mega pixels:

- the gift golden coin with appreciation bred, present to person that offering the best photography and in a ceremony that selected photo it will show for 5 years in section social activities of our site.

b - The photo that submitted must have one of these conditions in jpg or tif format.

Analogy photo with clarity 300 dpi and dimension 20 × 30 centimeter approximate (A4) scand without any technically digitally.

c - the photos must not be used or shown for other instiution or place or sites in the past.

d - The ceremony executive will allow to use from photo in any media and doing very print with the mention of the photographer.

e - In view of ceremony executive has no responsibility and if the real owner of photo  is other, she or he must through in legal action and so on the photo go out of competition and will be announced through the official way.

f - The vote of arbitration is final and the protest to vote will not be accepted.

g - The deadline for delivery of envelopes that containing the photos must  to post by post  offices, maximum up to date 1mar 2015.