About the company

Productive Cooperative group of Ideal trade Men with abbreviation I.T.M is a business and distributer of building material, mineral material and feeds of birds it started since the year 2008


I.T.M group with suitable foundation and expert human resources and up to date technology of world and with lengthy experiences of offering services to like company.at present this company have good relationship with other iner and outer trades company and from time of foundation company has worked in different domain and now can find suitable position to attract the trust of other trade partners. Specification records of company .place of company is in Qazvin city and the number, date of record is 171, 2008

Company registration details

Company of Qazvin
Registration number 171
Submission 1386

Activates company

The essential of activates of company are produce and import and export of products according to needing of country and with presence in local market and international market with straight investment to other trades company.

Cultural actives

The cultural activates of company are to have a friendly relationship between countries and effort to aid and protection of victims war in all of the country. All of the country world.


Development and corporation trade partnership to obtain the trust of customers with learning and innovation, continuous improvement.responsibility and accountability, flexibility against buyers and sellers with based on processes management and facts. Organization position improvement.


I.T.M group as a most reliable supplier of building materials, mineral materials, feed of animal and poultry with most admire brand in the first circle of supplier companies and with preparation of top level of trust, confidence for customers make peace of mind.


increasing the level of satisfaction for inner and outer customers.
with attention to safety of environment and with portion of new equipment that used in product.
developing of branch in all over the world with access to market in massive.
declare the brand of company in world with confidence.
reduction the price of products with eliminating intermediation and straight presentation of products.
increasing in quantity and quality of products with using highest technology.
continues recovery in all level of organization and general welfare of employees.
business of product in knowledge base.
development and extension commercial trade relationship with countries in the domain.




Expect human resources are most important capital in each knowledgeable organization.

The reason of culmination of I.T.M group is human resource and expert base on need of market in knowledgeable and friendly environment followed by offering the best solutions, products and services to customers.


MR: Hani Gerveie

Manager Director

Miss: Atefe Rahimi Engineer

Marketing Manager

Mr: Nader Shrivan

Director of administration and Finance